LiteGait Therapy

LiteGait equipment is about teaching walking using a body-weight support system. In the hands of a fully trained professional whose goal is the maximum independence of the child, this therapeutic tool givesunlimited opportunities for functional exercises in static and dynamic balance (standing, back steps, etc.).

The equipment supports some of the child’s weight which enables the child to learn normal walking patterns and provides them with a sense of achievement and security, without any fear of falling. Gait analysis is recorded through special sensors and this gives important informationto the physical therapist during gait training, and also functions as a tool to evaluate therapeutic results.

Recent research has shown statistically significant improvement within a short period of timein standing and walking when compared with other methods. This is because a safe environment is provided where the child has to practice walking, and also because multiple parameters can be adjusted to meet the needs of each child.

Additionally, Ms. Alexandra Lepoura is the only certified LiteGait instructor in Greece and Cyprus. She is able to train professionals in the field, as well as parents who have this equipment at home,on how to use it correctly, and she organises personalized programmes tailored to the goals of each child to be followed at home.