Gait Analysis


Gait analysis is used to assess and treat individuals with conditions that affect their ability to walk, and can also be used by athletes to identify biomechanical limitations and improve their performance. Motivation and Movement uses the LiteGait system with an electric treadmill and built-in sensors. The GaitSens 2.0 software provides real time measurement, recording and feedback on the spatio-temporal characteristics of gait and balance.

The system measures, evaluates and processes the gait of young and old in real time, with data on speed, cadence, swing time, stride length, support base and weight bearing dynamics. The data are presented to the therapist in the form of graphics which means they canidentify gait asymmetries quickly and easily.

Extensive reports give step and stride length and time, gait cycle phases, gravity, gait symmetry, speed and cadence. Reports can be compared to previous sessions to show progress over time or to the normal parameters for a typical gait. Reports can be saved and printed for objective documentation and tracking of changes over time. Raw data can also be reported for each step.

Balance assessment, feedback and reporting can be performed with the user standing anywhere on the treadmill and facing in any direction. Balance assessment can be performed in various conditions, such as stable and compliant support surfaces and different support bases. Also, balance assessment can be performed for swing and aim with adjustable parameters. Balance reports can be printed and saved, and up to 5 reports can be compared to show progress over time.