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1.1 Address

67 Pentelis Street
Maroussi PC. 15126

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
10:00 – 21:00

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Excellent space, qualified staff, all very good at their jobs, kind reception, professionalism, I recommend it.

Fani Karantoni

Friendly environment and well trained staff. They won our trust from the first moment. I want to thank them for everything they did for us!

Alex Sak

Words are not good enough to describe the work that is done at this centre!!!! A huge thank you and a big “bravo” for the efforts of the managers and the staff!

Asterios Bebe

The children are happy in this place and that says a lot.


The whole team has love, undiminished interest and training. The facilities and cleanliness are excellent. They hugged us and we thank them.

Venetia Koiliari

One of the best Special Treatment Centers in the Northern Suburbs! It provides modern methods of intervention for children with neurological and developmental disorders and has excellent staff. Both Savvas and Alexandra are flawless with lots of knowledge and love for what they do! I don’t change them at all!!! The place they have built is also very nice

Pantelis Nakis