Counselling for Parents

Parent counselling is part of a holistic intervention for families dealing with difficulties presented by family members. Parents can be helped in many ways through counselling.

Often approaches and upbringing, along with isolated or repeated incidents, may make it necessary to took into things more carefully and to seek specialist help.

In cases where a child faces a health problem that is accompanied by psychogenic or behavioural issues, a parent can find assistance with ways to help their child, and can also find help with dealing with their own feelings and needs – which are usually put aside, intensifying the already existing anxiety.

The stress and doubt that many parents experience, often asking themselves “Am I doing a good job as a parent?”, “Am I a good parent?” “Maybe I need to stop shouting at my child?” as well as questions related to “reward, punishment, agreements etc” be solved, and emotional needs can be met.

A great deal of research now supports the need for counselling to resolve family issues and difficulties, discounting earlier views that presented this type of intervention as taboo or an “extravagance”.

Either one parent or a couple together can turn to a specialist and discuss the resolution of their family concerns.