Our mission

We have an experienced interdisciplinary team of therapists who have a thirst for knowledge and always keep up to date with the latest information and scientific training. This team assesses children’s needs and provides the relevant modern therapeutic programmes.

We teach and strengthen the motor, perceptual and cognitive skills which are related to children’s development from the first months of life up to post-adolescence. Our personalized interventions help children to manage their daily needs and to participate in society as a whole.

Motivation and Movement works with various specialist doctors, a nutritionist and diagnostic centres, and always cooperates closely with the children’s educational institutions and with those in their family environment to make sure that a comprehensive and effective approach is being followed.

About us

Alexandra Lepoura
Physiotherapist, MSc, PhD
Centre Manager

Savvas Kellidis
Occupational therapist, Centre Manager

Alexandra Patrikiou
Head Secretary

Kalliopi Bakoyanni
Child psychiatrist-Child psychotherapist

Evangelia Leoni
Occupational therapist

Occupational therapist

Marios Antonakopoulos
Occupational therapist

Vasia Gavra
Speech therapist, MSc

Christina Okomousi,
Speech therapist

Anti Zeka
Speech therapist, MSc


Viki Karapatoucha

Valia Mastorodimou
Physiotherapist, MSc

Korrina Nikolaou
Psychologist, Psychotherapist, MSc

Elli Kafritsa Special Education Specialist, MSc

Elli Kafritsa
Special Education Specialist, MSc

Anastasia Tragoudara Occupational Therapist

Anastasia Tragoudara
Occupational therapist

Anna Bourli Speech therapist

Anna Bourli
Speech therapist

Theodora Vakalaki Physiotherapist

Theodora Vakalaki

Maria Pallikari Speech therapist

Maria Pallikari
Speech therapist

Stelina Christofilou Psychologist, psychotherapist, MSc

Stelina Christofilou
Psychologist, psychotherapist, MSc

Haris Pavlidi Occupational therapist

Haris Pavlidi
Occupational therapist

Danai Kotidou
Psychologist, MSc, psychotherapist

Yiota Kyrousi
Speech therapist, MSc