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Our experienced interdisciplinary team of therapists works in a two-story, 400 sqm building with specially designed and fully equipped therapeutic areas. All our therapists have a thirst for knowledge and keep up to date with the latest information and scientific training, so they can assess children and their needs and provide the relevant modern therapeutic programmes. We teach and strengthen the motor, perceptual and cognitive skills which are related to children’s developmentfrom the first months of life up to post-adolescence. Our personalized interventions help children to manage their daily needs and to participate in society as a whole.

    MOTIVATION AND MOVEMENT / Physiotherapy Center for Infants – Children – Adolescents / Speech Therapy Center / Occupational Therapy Center

    Contact our centre when you are looking for services such as:


    • physiotherapy for infants, physiotherapy for children, physiotherapy for adolescents
    • • Occupational therapy, group occupational therapy
    • Speech therapy for children
    • Early intervention
    • Psychopedagogical programmes, parent counselling, social skills groups
    • Child psychotherapy, adolescent psychotherapy
    • Groups for children, groups for adolescents, groups for parents
    • Special pedagogy, school readiness test

        Our centre treats a large number of children with difficulties such as:


        • Speech disorders, articulation disorders, eating disorders, stuttering
        • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
        • Neuromuscular disorders
        • Pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), autism
        • Delayed motor development, motor coordination disorder
        • Cerebral palsy, spasticity, ataxia, dystonia, athetosis
        • Prematurity, premature infants, hypertonia, hypotonia
        • Downs Syndrome, low intellectual development
        • Scoliosis, varus deformity, valgus deformity, developmental dysplasia of the hip
        • Learning difficulties, dyslexia, dysgraphia
        • Aggression, psycho-emotional immaturity, emotional difficulties

          To help our patients to achieve their goals we use modern, reliable methods and evaluation tools such as:


          • Sensory Integration (SI), M.O.R.E, S.O.S Feeding therapy
          • Bobath, LiteGait, Galileo, functional physiotherapy, strength training
          • TheraSuit, Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy
          • Alternative communication, PECS, TEACCH, MAKATON
          • Mouth exercises
          • Athina test, WISC, school readiness test

          “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist, once we grow up.”

          Pablo Picasso


          Motivation & Movement

          Paediatric Physiotherapy

          Paediatric physiotherapy aims to bring the child’s motor learning and education in to line with typical motor development, and is also aimed at the changes in plasticity that characterize the neurological, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems.

          Motivation & Movement

          Speech therapy

          The development and evolution of extra-verbal and verbal communication is enhanced through speech therapy. Clarity of speech, speech production, and issues related to chewing and swallowing are all taught and enhanced.

          Motivation & Movement

          Occupational Therapy

          The therapeutic use of activities related to a child’s daily life such as self-care, play, etc. which are adapted to meet the needs of children with sensory deficits and neuro-developmental dysfunctions.

          Motivation & Movement

          Learning Difficulties

          In every school class there are a number of pupils who face considerable difficulties in the educational process which significantly affect their learning, performance and behaviour.

          Motivation & Movement

          Child psychologists

          Psychological support for children and the family as a whole is an important springboard for children’s development and maturation, from infancy to adulthood.

          Motivation & Movement

          Early intervention

          The term early intervention covers all the services and benefits available for infants and toddlers (up to 3 years old) who have developmental delays and disorders (motor, cognitive, perceptual, communication, etc.) and for their families.

          Motivation & Movement

          Supervision for Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists!

          As we have many years’ experience in paediatric treatment, we provide supervision to final year students and young health professionals.

          Motivation & Movement


          Galileo = a globally recognized therapeutic method which can be applied to orthopaedic and neurological disorders! What is the GALILEO machine?
          Which of our therapeutic goals can it help with? How does it help us get the best from our treatment sessions?

          Knowledge – Understanding – Respect for your Needs

          Communication and cooperation

          We understand the individual particularities of each child’s needs, and we always communicate and cooperate closely with the doctors (paediatrician, developmental specialist, child neurologist, child psychiatrist, child orthopaedist), other paramedical specialties and school staff who are all part of the child’s therapeutic path and who provide care holistically.

          Safety and Care

          Our building is equipped with specialized, certified therapeutic aids which guarantee safe use.
          Precautionary and hygiene measures are observed by all our specialized staff in all areas of the building.

          Training and keeping up-to-date

          Our therapeutic staff is trained in the evaluation and delivery of modern therapeutic programmes.
          Keeping up to date and receiving ongoing training is of primary importance for our entire scientific team. Place your trust in us!


          Excellent space, qualified staff, all very good at their jobs, kind reception, professionalism, I recommend it.

          Fani Karantoni

          Friendly environment and well trained staff. They won our trust from the first moment. I want to thank them for everything they did for us!

          Alex Sak

          Words are not good enough to describe the work that is done at this centre!!!! A huge thank you and a big “bravo” for the efforts of the managers and the staff!

          Asterios Bebe

          The children are happy in this place and that says a lot.


          The whole team has love, undiminished interest and training. The facilities and cleanliness are excellent. They hugged us and we thank them.

          Venetia Koiliari

          One of the best Special Treatment Centers in the Northern Suburbs! It provides modern methods of intervention for children with neurological and developmental disorders and has excellent staff. Both Savvas and Alexandra are flawless with lots of knowledge and love for what they do! I don’t change them at all!!! The place they have built is also very nice

          Pantelis Nakis

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